Bedford Elks Country Club, Logo

                                                          General Information 814-623-9714

                                                       Lounge Extension 301

 Golf Pro Shop Extension 302

Bowling Center Extension 303

Arandale Banquet Hall Extension 304

Lodge Office Extension 305

Business Office Extension 307

Course Superintendent Extension 308



Deserted Island League- 1 person bowl at your schedule- open to any man or woman

Monday Ladies Night League- 4 women per team @ 6:30pm($10) 

Tuesday Morning Ladies Coffee League- 5 ladies per team @9:20 AM($10) 

Tuesday Night Service League- 5 men per team @7pm($11) 

Tuesday Night National League- 4 men per team @7pm($15)

Wednesday Morning Ladies Breakfast League- 4 ladies per team @9:20 AM($10) 

Wednesday Night Mens Industrial League-5 men per team @7pm($12) 

Thursday Night Mens American League- 5 bowlers per team @7PM($17)

Friday Night Ladies Holly League- 4 ladies per team @7PM ($10) 

Friday Night Mix League- 2 ladies and 2 men per team @7PM ($11) 

Sunday Youth League- teams based on age @4 PM ($5 and $7)